Custom Made For You

Unique Jewellery

Ever wanted your own piece of jewellery that is unique to you and your soul?

At MVJ we go through a sacred process from start to finish.

Where the right crystal or crystals are channelled for your soul to evolve onto the next step in your life. We connect with your soul and spirit guides to be given the exact crystals you need right now.

Also if drawings are applicable for your piece then those will be channeled as well and drawn for you. So you get to see what it will look like before going ahead with it.

Your beautiful gems are then specifically chosen and aligned to you, and made into jewellery.

Once everything has been done, your lovely piece will be given its final cleansing stage, before its given to you.

Each step taken is a sacred process and is given the honour in doing so.

There is nothing better or more cherished than having your own unique piece of jewellery just for you made by MVJ.

Contact MVJ today to have a chat and get a quote, before committing to anything.