Gemstone Rivers

Connecting With Your Heart Chakra

Gemstone Rivers was made for connecting with your heart chakra. To help you align to your hidden gifts within, and to help you see your true passions and love that you have within you.

This was given to Monique in a dream, along with the poem.

To activate the unlocking key to your heart. Read the poem to yourself until you can really feel it within your body.

Jade and aventurine are all round healers, especially encompassing the heart in a full circle of love. Protecting you and guiding you along the way.

Clear quartz is there to give your whole body a good cleansing and to make you aware of what is happening within you. The changes you are experiencing and why this is happening to you. Kind of like a beautiful frond slowly opening up to reveal its true colours.

Then you have the pyrite to bring in the gold energy around you, and help you to be more abundant in all that you need in your life. Especially when you are embarking on something new, by unlocking your treasures within.

With the silver, it makes sure that all the energy is bright and clear for a strong alignment to you.

Each and every piece was designed and made by MVJ. The energy infused into these are clear, healing and powerful with love.

As an extra special bonus, they have all been out in the forest and blessed with the abundant energy from Mother Nature.

We hope you love these as much as MVJ does.

Love and blessings to you all. xxx