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Gemstone Rivers was given to me in a dream.

When I woke I captured everything down in my visual diary. But there was one thing that I was intrigued about.

Why start at the Heart Chakra first?

I asked this question many times over and over. Until one still moment the answer came.

We (as in the source, God, spirit, universe, archangels, guides… all as one) want you all to connect via your heart. So you remember. Remember why you are here. Remember why you came, and remember what your important mission is while you are here.

Yes we are all here to live a human life. BUT its within this life that you evolve. Evolve yourself to your higher truth. To live from love and not from fear. To really and truly honour all your gifts that you have and to live the best happiest life you deserve.

We know that with this happiness comes sadness. But thats all to do with growth. By using crystals from Mother Earth, and connecting them to yourself. It allows a healing to occur. One that doesn’t have to make you feel uncomfortable. One that helps you to keep you at ease. With the gentleness of the crystals energies. One that connects you back to oneness. With us, with Mother Earth. With all humanity.

To get love and be love in your life. You have to live it yourself. So its important that everything you do in life comes with love. That way you know you are on the right path and that you will move and evolve over time to allow all that we know you can have.

Now is the time to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Now is the time where you can have the support and love from us and all. We love you, and want you to feel love too.

This is why we guided Monique to make this jewellery. This is our loving gift to you from Mother Earth and your creator Monique. With the three of us combined it makes unity.

Unity of one…. ONENESS equals love.

Isn’t that a beautiful channelled message for us all?

I just had to share. As even though this knowledge is gifted to me. Its also very important for me to share it and lets others know about it too.
Because with what I receive as a message that I think is cool, could possibly be life changing for someone reading this.
To me that is really important.

Also by sharing this, it means I am living up to my divine service with source and living as one.

One thing I seem to miss a lot, is not showing you where the chakras are and what they are about.
So heres some quick info around this area.
In the diagram below the heart centre or chakra is located across the middle of the chest.
This is your area to all things connected. Reason being is that when we first develop in the womb the first thing to be created is our heart.
Its our reason for living. Its the flow of all within us. Mentally, physically and spiritually. It keeps us alive.

Even though you cannot see the chakras, they do play an important role in our lives keeping us balanced with all our energy bodies. Which as you can see are all connected to us.

When we are in balance, our lives are easy, happy and with lots of energy.

So if you’re not feeling any of what is explained around the heart centre. Then your’s is closed and it time to rebalance that chakra so you can have the love, joy and inner peace you truly deserve.

By wearing Gemstone Rivers, it’ll help with opening your heart so you can live out your true desires. Breaking down those fears and blocks and just going for it.

Don’t we all want that in our life? I know I do.

Love and blessings to you.


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