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Life Lessons & why you might need a protection bracelet


We all have them. Sometimes they are huge. Sometimes they are small.
Most of the time they are there to remind us of what we do and do not want in our life.
I had a valuable lesson just recently.
I went and did a favour for someone knowing all too well that it would take up my valuable time in my own business. I said yes to help out. As I always like to do that and make it easier for others too.
But lately I’ve had that feeling inside of me. That there is something that keeps getting in the way of me flourishing in my business. I felt like I was stuck on a rat wheel.

It became very obvious after an outburst of anger from that person. That I saw what was needed.

I needed to stay true and honest to myself. My feelings and how I was being in my business. And not putting it second to everything else.

I needed to be me. Show the real me and really truly start living up to what I am honestly desiring for myself, my business and my future.

So today I declared to not put myself or my business second to anything or anyone anymore. It’s about time.

It also got me thinking of which crystal bracelet would be beneficial in times like this. Which is the protection bracelet.

Life lessons - crystal protection braceletIt helps in times when you need to connect to your wisdom and the energy of crystals that help to give you that added protection. So you’re not taking on everyone else pains and emotions. It acts like water off a ducks back.

So next time I’m out and about, and mingling around with others. I’ll be making sure I am wearing my protection bracelet. To give me that protective bubble and to not allow others negative energy to penetrate it.

How about you? What lessons have you had lately? And Have you been putting everyone or everything else before your own needs?

Surely I’m not the only one who does this too?

With love and blessings


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