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My headache and what happened…

The other day I woke up feeling very unbalanced. So much so that it felt like the world was spinning.
Along with it, I had a splitting headache that would not go away.

For some reason I didn’t go and get some panadol to help it go away. I just sat there in silence. Waiting…

Now you’d think that I would have clicked onto this straight away, but I didn’t. Why was I not using crystals to help me? I know the benefits of them and how they help, but for some reason it didn’t cross my mind.

Well the fact that I was so unbalanced at the time and not quite on planet earth, contributed to this spacey feeling. Not allowing me to connect the dots.

You know that feeling I’m talking about!… DUH!

Awhile later I was walking around, I had picked up my crystal bracelet and put it on my wrist without thinking anything of it.

I can honestly say less than 2mins my headache was gone.

GONE! like wtf? that was weird, my headache is gone! YAHOO! and off I went with the rest of my day.

Still not quite clicking onto what I had done.

Then as I was typing out some things on my laptop I looked down….

HOLY beejeebers! I had put my Amethyst and black obsidian bracelet on.

No wonder my headache went quickly.

You see Amethyst helps with your third eye and crown chakra, which is aligned to all things around your head and eyes.

It calms the nervous system and brain, easing headaches and migraines, while aiding oxygenation of the blood. Which gives you the feeling of being uplifted.

It also allows you to have the quite inner space within your body, allowing your energy field to rebalance around you at the same time. Which brings a state of balance and well being.

The black obsidian helps to ground us in our body, which helps with that spacey feeling. Allowing your soul to integrate back down into your body so you feel like you are solid on earth.

It stimulates the root chakra, drawing in the earths energy to strengthen and stabilize our systems. Which cuts through deception, bringing clarity and focus.


There lies the answers to what helped me to ground which I needed to get rid of that spacey feeling and clarity to allow me to function in a better space.

It gave me the room to breathe and the energy to carry on with my day and really apply myself to what was really important to me. Giving me that positive boost that I was in desperate need of.

If you’d like to get yourself one of these to help ease headaches, gain clarity and really help you stay in a positive bubble.


I absolutely swear by this, and was so blown away by how quickly it worked I just had to share.

Love and blessings


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