Small- 17cm



Please let us know what size you want.

Materials: Elastic, silver bead, Clear quartz

All come with crystal meanings and are made to order. So we honour you and the sacred energy to produce these.

Coming soon- Numerology and Crystal combo to strengthen the vibrational power with these bracelets.

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Product Description

Clarity is the key to all things manifesting at lighting speed for you.

If you want something in your life, clarify it. To the point where you know exactly what it is that you want.

Once you’ve done that….. let it go out to the universe and don’t think about how it will come to you. The universe will sort that part out. All you need to do is be open to receive.

Clear Quartz: Good cleansing tool. Helps to clear impurities and psychic debris from the energy field that permeates the human body. Realigns and refocusses the body, mind and spirit toward clear goals.