Guide Dance Pendant


Crystal pendant only, sterling silver bale


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Product Description

The name is ‘Guide-Dance Necklace’ as it conjures the dance between all the number vibrations 1-9. Which aligns to all your chakra colours and points throughout your body. This enables your guides to connect in with your energy. As it goes out through intention by asking a question that has a yes or no answer. Dances out to the Guides and Divine Source, then returns back to you in the form of Guidance – after a Guide-Dance.

These necklaces are great for when you need help with getting a solid answer as to what step you need to take. It can be anything from purchasing a house, to taking up a job offer, to any decision you are unsure about. The list is endless.

MVJ will personally choose which crystal is aligned to your soul. Each and every one is different in colour.

With an aligned crystal to your soul. It means it helps you to balance and connect with your true authentic self more easily.

It helps you to help yourself. Allowing you to open up to your desires and really trusting yourself within. Start making those dreams come true and really start loving who you are.

It all starts with you! And having a Guide Dance pendant can help you get there.




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