Materials: Elastic, silver beads, blue agate, hematite, shungite

Small- 17cm



Please let us know what size you want.

All come with crystal meanings and are made to order. So we honour you and the sacred energy to produce these.

Coming soon- Numerology and Crystal combo to strengthen the vibrational power with these bracelets.

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Product Description

Health 27/9

Your body has innate wisdom in every single cell and you absolutely have the power to heal. By trusting this wisdom you well heal the past and strengthen your energy/spiritual body.

Spiritual health equals physical health.

Sungite: Has electric conductivity properties. Shielding and protection from EMF electromagnetic radiation.

Hematite: Cleanses the blood and supports the circulation. Warms and energises the system, giving a sense of strength. Grounds and centres the physical body in the present moment.

Blue Agate: Balances yin/yang energy and increases energy. In this way, agate is a conservation stone,  and enhances longevity.




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