Kids Soul Bracelet


Crystals- different shapes and colours, according to your soul.

Sterling Silver bead and heart charm

Gold charms coming soon…

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Product Description

Every single bracelet is different. Not one is the same. Each soul bracelet is unique and individual just like you. From the colours of the beads and shapes and sizes.

Everyone’s soul has a different mission while here on earth. It’s MVJ that’s here to help you align to that mission, destiny, passion and truth.

In the end we are all the same, here to evolve with our soul.

If you’re finding your children to be a bit off, or you can see them struggling and you or them don’t know why. A soul bracelet is fabulous for them. As all children align quickly to crystals, a lot quicker than adults. Because they don’t have as many hang ups as we do.

So let MVJ take all the hard work out of it for you and keep your mind at peace. By aligning the right crystals to your children’s soul. You get the quickest and best healing possible, without evading their space. It becomes their safety blanket. Helping them shift and change their ways so they can have a happy easy life.

All it takes is taking that first step in helping your children in a different way.

MVJ is here to help you ease yourself past the unknown. Taking away all the worry, frustration and anxiety that comes with it.

Every single piece is handmade by Monique herself. Making sure each and every bead in infused with love.


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