At MVJ we design our jewellery to help the wearer achieve a desired outcome. Whether its a soul bracelet or one from our collection. They are all infused with love and intention.

We believe it is good luck when your piece of jewellery breaks. It means that you’ve had a breakthrough; a release of old energy blockages and a sign that your desired goal has been reached.

Many of our wearers love wearing their pieces every day, and would like their piece restrung. We can of course do this for you! However, you may have worked through the energy cycle of your piece and outgrown it. It may be time to consider purchasing another piece of jewellery that is more in tune with your current energy needs.

If this is true for you, we encourage you to have a look in our shop to find a new piece that is perfect for you now.


When your jewellery is restrung, it experiences a cleansing, rejuvenation and reactivation process. Your jewellery is:

  • Cleansed with high vibration frequencies to reactivate the crystals so they have a cleansed energy and individually check to make sure each gemstone is holding its original pattern and energetic intention.
  • Professionally restrung, replacing any gemstones that were missing, broken or have lost their energetic vibrancy, restoring your piece to its original energetic intention.
  • Cleansing is done over 24 hours so the crystals are reactivated and reenergized through a sacred process to  ensure that they vibrate at the highest frequency possible.
  • Sent back to you with love and gratitude.

Your jewellery may look slightly different after it is restrung, since your piece will be enhanced with the latest gemstones and materials that are available. We constantly strive to make our pieces from the highest-grade gemstones and materials.

Restring Pricing: Should your jewelry break within the first 90 days of you purchasing it, we will repair your piece at no charge, provided the proof of purchase is included with your restring.

A standard restring and shipping fee will be applied to all other repairs that are over this 90-day period. If your purchase was made through one of our retailers, we encourage you to send your restring directly to us, along with your original receipt.

To have your MVJ piece repaired, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Contact MVJ and put in subject line ‘REPAIR’. If your purchase falls under the 90 day rule, no charge will apply. If not we will give you a quote on the cost before we go ahead. Please note that quotes are estimates only and may be changed due to added labour or materials. We will make sure you are informed of all information before we finalise your repair.
  2. Courier your jewellery to:

    17a Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu South, Waitakere 0610, New Zealand.

  3. Packaging Instructions: We recommend that you send your jewellery back in a padded bag or box to reduce damage. If the jewellery is lost via courier, it is not our responsibility to replace it.