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Ive been working with this crystal for the last two weeks and thank goodness I did. It helped me to tap into my hearts knowledge. To understand what I really wanted, to stop pushing my dreams aside for what I thought was the best for me and my future with my Husband and potential kiddies. 

It helped me to step back and just calm things down. To rest when my body was telling me to rest and to recognise what was really going on with me. 

It helped me to change my thoughts around things that I love, to things that were holding me back. Putting things into perspective and realising that I am in control of things. Not the things controlling me. It made me be kind to myself when things were getting tough and to others when I could of ripped their heads off. It made me step back and take things all in, without getting all overwhelmed with bullshit drama. Which lets face it, is just negative energy that you don’t need.  

Even though I went through a heartbreaking experience. I can truly say that it dissipated the effects of it, rather than me being in total disarray for the next two weeks or however long it would of been for me to get over having a miscarriage. 

But instead i’ve popped out the other side with bright expectations and ready for the next phase of getting myself ready. Knowing the next steps I need to take by rechecking myself. Getting back to what I really want, by reassessing my job situation, my food habits, my exercise and soul time. 

Deciding what I need to do for the next three months. I can honest say I now have a sense of relief. I have a lot of lightness around me. I know what I need to do, I know what is the most important thing of all, and that is to LOVE myself unconditionally. Give myself everything I absolutely love to have around me all the time. Because lets face it, you only have one life. So why not make it one filled with all things you love? The more you love yourself, the more you will get back in return from the universe. 

Blessings of love 



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