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As a child I loved using my imagination to take me on magical adventures. 

Living in the country and being an only child. I had to do something to entertain myself. 

In this magical land I would wonder through the fruit trees and look at all the colors, smell and touch the citrus flowers and Watch the bees cruise on by. 

I was always on the lookout for treasures. Because in my magic land treasure was very cherished. 

And what was my treasure… Rocks! 

Haha like what?! But not just any rock, it had to be a rock that was different. Had some kind of sparkle in it. Or a fossil or something that was out of the norm. 

I would get very excited if I found something like this. Which of course was a regular thing. Because my dad would get his stones to lay the driveway from the quarry! 

I would quickly scurry back to the house and up to my bedroom. Put my treasure aka special rock in the back corner of my wardrobe and shut the door. 

Only I knew about my treasure. I never told anyone else. They were all mine. 

Over time I grew up and forgot all about these rocks and moved out of my home in Gisborne to go study in Auckland. 

About 20 years later mum and dad had decided it was time to move on. 

While they were packing up everything. Mum came across… You guessed it. My treasure! Haha 

I got this phone call one day from mum. She was like… Monz! Guess what I found in your wardrobe. My reply… I dunno. 

Fuckn rocks! And not just a few. TWO fuckn bucket full of the bloody things. What the hell were they doing in there?!!! 

My reply. 

OMG!! Hahaha Mum those were my treasure. I was obsessed as a kid collecting all of those rocks with fossils in them. To that my Mum replies.. Ohhh did you want to keep them? 

Bahahaha NO way! Just chuck them back onto the driveway I said. 

Then of course we all had a good laugh about it while Dad was saying… Is that where my driveway disappeared too?

LOL now isn’t that funny! 😂😂😂

I’m guess I’m sharing this with you because that was the beginning of my fascination with crystals. It all began with fossils in rocks. 

The beginning and start of an amazing adventure of magic and Treasure that has to this day carried onto my life passion and gift to help others. 

Go back to the time you were a kid and think about what you really loved at that time. Because there is your answer to a lot of things. There were signs then of what you really loved to do. What feed your soul. What made you jump for joy. 

Those are the times when you have no worries and no fears about just being you. Those were the times where your first sign of your true path were shown. 

Dream, dare to believe and just do what makes you happy. 

For me… It was collecting my treasure aka special rocks. 

Which by the way I still do now… Except my special rocks are now crystals. 😍 Click on this link for upcoming workshop details. I would love to see you there. http://www.mvj.co.nz/workshops.html?m


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