For me personally, I have been wearing my Gemstone River necklace for three weeks now, and I feel much more connected to earth, a few beautiful things have happened, just as Monique said they would.

Leonard Russell

It’s always such a pleasure to spend some time with you Monique. Every time I journey out to NZ I always try & make time to come and see you, your calmness & free flowing energy always calms and makes me feel so at peace every time I leave you. Our Creative Crystal bracelet workshop this morning really set my clock back to ‘living in the now’ it was refreshing to open up to you and talk about my struggling journey across the ditch. LOVED the energy of all your beautiful crystals, making my own bracelet & your reading as to why I was so drawn to them, it was right on the money. Please continue to do your classes, they are magically rewarding, I know you can help so many people with the knowledge you have. You’re amazing Monique and I’m so very lucky to be able to call you a friend. Xx


Monique Vette Jewellery Crystal Healing Session – in a word?? Transformational! Life Changing! (okay, that’s 3 words, one isn’t enough!) I was lucky enough to win a facebook promotion Monique was running, and lucky for me, divine synchronicity kicked in, and delivered something totally unexpected and life changing for me – I’m not kidding! The energy coming down the skype line, for me here in Australia from Monique in New Zealand, was tangible, immediately comfortable, loving, and POWERFUL. Monique’s ability to tap into your energy is instant, and accurate. She immediately said things to me, she would have had absolutely no way of knowing about me. She guided me to my most aligned Crystals, and since I acquired them, strange but amazing things have happened. It’s literally like my Dreams are coming true. This was a quantum moment, that changed everything. I truly believe the power that Monique has, and her alignment with the energies of the Crystals, has unlocked my potential, my abundance code, and my hidden talents, in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of. Within a week of our session, I had clarity on moving forward with a book I was considering writing, my ongoing back pain has almost completely dissipated, and I am getting intuitive insights to a high level that I never thought were possible for me. So, do yourself a favour – you simply cannot afford to NOT have a session with Monique – if you want to align yourself to your highest potential! I cannot thank you enough Monique, not nearly enough. Infinite Gratitude for all that you are, and all that you do. So much love and gratitude to you

Canberra, Australia

Monique, thank you so much for this bracelet.. I have barely taken it off for two months, since you made it for me. You told me it was all about the heart and opening up to love, the first day I put it on, promptly cried my eyes out and then had a wonderful weekend with my extended family, despite the historical difficulties with my Mum.. I never expected such a relaxed and openhearted weekend feeling safe and connected with all my relatives while she was also there. Over the last month or two, I have also had some major breakthroughs in my trust and willingness to start engaging romantically again, since having some quiet time after my last breakup. Let’s just say I have had some fun parties recently, opened up to a good friend who I have recently developed deeper feelings for, and cleared the air with an old love. All this bravery happened naturally and spontaneously, and without doubt with the help of my charm bracelet. Would it be weird to say it feels like my friend? Ha ha probably, but that’s what it feels like its giving me, the love and support of a friend “in my back pocket”, so that I can have courage and go out into the world again with a more carefully open heart. Thank you so much! It’s perfect xx


I remember thinking I wanted a crystal with energy. But energy that was divine & just for me. So when I heard that Monique was able to create channeled pieces I jumped at the chance.

Never did I dream of getting such a beautiful, regal and extremely well suited crystal. It was so amazing and powerful that it took me a few weeks to put it on. It was sensational. I wear it now everyday and have started to use it as a pendulum. I would highly recommend Monique and her intuitive guidance.

Natalie Tolhopf
Catapult Your Business

I want to give you some feedback and really it’s a massive thank you. I was introduced to you through a friend who is very dear to me and gained another friend in you.The very first piece of jewellery I ever received from you was what helped me through a turmoil in my relationship like you wouldn’t believe. Things were beyond hectic fighting turned into a physical fight one night and I called the police because I felt like my life was on the line. He was taken a way that night and thrown into a cell. The next day my bracelet arrived and what couldn’t have been a better time for me. It helped me get through this as it was just for me and every time I looked at my wrist it reminded me of dewy moss that grows throughout a forest and grounded me. I haven’t had the courage to tell many people even maybe yourself but I feel like you rescued and healed me. When I read your raw and honest message above I felt like sharing mine. This wasn’t the first time either so I’ll continue if you keep reading too

the second time I brought a piece which I love and this is my necklace. We moved countries and I felt depressed as I couldn’t find a job and felt hopeless. You may remember I brought myself a birthday present well every time I wear my necklace it reminds me to be kind to me and that there is always a silver lining just around the corner. But to have hope it begins with yourself and self love. So 2 counts you have gotten me through some big issues. It doesn’t end there because the other day I was looking at some singing bowls as you know I love them but picked up one that didn’t gel with me. I was feeling rotten popping ears and drained of energy. You gave a distant healing whilst I was driving to work I was tempted to drive home and go to bed. You put a blanket of love around me and gave me your energy I swear because I had the strength to carry on. The are stopped popping and the spinning too. So thank you for all your love, energy, perseverance, positivity and passion.

I have a lot of admiration for you too. Don’t often have the time to sit and write how much I adore and appreciate xox at times the honesty can hurt but it’s so much easier when you have gotten through it all. Your business and passion has the ability to channel and direct people. Not just beautiful jewellery to me.

Lucky Nat

I had the pleasure in dealing with monique after I was struggling to fall pregnant. Monique made me a bracelet to assist me in falling pregnant. Once I received it I had fallen pregnant within 3 months. I also asked monique to make me a crystal charm bracelet to assist me in my healing after my c section which I have found helped a lot in my recovery Monique has been very pleasant to deal with and very professional. My little girl is now 3 weeks old and I couldn’t be happier.. Should I require any further assistance in the future I will have no hesitation in contacting monique again. Thank you monique!